Knowing Your Limitations And Assembling Your Cheer Squad

business educator tips family day care personal responsibility Oct 11, 2022

Quite often in our society we don't wanna look at the things we're not very good at, but it’s a crucial step in the process of identifying our limitations. This means we need to be brave and take a big, deep breath and look at where there are deficiencies in what we do. What are the areas that you avoid? What are the things that you don't enjoy spending time doing? What are the things that you procrastinate on? The things you don't know the answers to, and avoid seeking the answers for? 

Savvy business owners need to identify these things so we can take and utilize this information to plug those gaps! And, we all have these gaps. Every single business has them. The difference between what a family daycare educator can do and what other businesses can do is that other businesses can outsource a lot of stuff. Stuff that's not necessarily outsourceable for family daycare. 

A family daycare educator needs to steer their own ship and keep their hand on the wheel - your responsibilities are a lot like that of a director of a centre. You've gotta do all the things! It's really important that you have an honest conversation with yourself and really problem-solve those areas that you may struggle in.

So, what can you outsource? You can outsource your accounts and your bookkeeping and things like that if you want to. You might even be able to outsource cleaning and meals as well, which is gonna save you time.

But what about the things you can’t outsource? E.g. paperwork that must be completed by you, maintaining client relationships, the rhythms of your days, finding inner motivation...  What's the answer to being able to plug those gaps? 

Well, you’re going to need to find some support with this stuff.

You need to assemble your cheer squad.

When it comes to assembling your cheer squad, don't just look for those who are going to be clapping you on the back and telling you what you want to hear all the time too. Find people who will ask you uncomfortable questions, push your beliefs and comfort zones and are confident to call you on your bullshit. 

Maybe you’re being a bit of a victim in something, and not really taking ownership of what you've done to contribute to the outcome you're sitting with. Or maybe, a situation you’re upset about only exists because you haven’t been a clear communicator and enforced your boundaries. You need people who are going to say to you, “hang on, you can fix this. What can you do to change the narrative you’re telling yourself and take back control of your life?”

You must align yourself with people who are going to be able to challenge you and support you.

So, what are your limitations in your business? What can you outsource? What do you need support with? What does your cheersquad look like?