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Seasonal Planners:

Finally, a planner that offers everything you need to run your family day care service with ease!

When you purchase this planner, not only does it help you with your programming, but you can also then join the community on Facebook and share and be inspired by other educators who are doing the same observations as you in real time.

Our community fosters connection and is a place for you to ask questions. It offers a perfect source of professional development and collegiality with other educators around Australia.

Resource Guides:

Offering experiences that are fresh, engaging, flexible AND educational for the children in our care can be an overwhelming process. Hours can go into the planning, researching and executing of each activity or environment that we provide for our littles (and that’s before we acknowledge the hours spent afterwards identifying and documenting links to the Early Years Learning Framework!).

Inspired by the seasonal rhythms of our natural world, this Guide is intended to help inspire and streamline your planning and documentation process.

"... all I can say is WOW what an awesome document. Thank you to all of you that made these possible, life is going to get a lot easier!"

Elise Spina,
Family Day Care Educator

"I saw this for the first time in use yesterday and I love it - user-friendly, organised logically, lots of prompts for info - the best documentation hardcopy I've seen yet."

Deborah Ann Philpott,
Family Day Care Coordinator