Hello hello, I’m Victoria!

The last ten years of my life have been spent doing what I love – working in early childhood education. I’ve worked across multiple disciplines in before and after school care, long day care, and finally settling into family day care which led me to the path of starting Rainbow Bridge FDC Service, in 2013.

Working with our own educators, I was faced with their everyday challenges. From there my passion grew to help educators like you to release your frustrations around programming and being able to get your many thoughts out of your head and onto paper – that’s why we created the Big Hearted Education Planner! Finally, a book that has everything you need to be completely prepared but helps you to express your own flair and creativity. We’ve also created a range of courses to support you in your journey and empower you in being the best educator you can be.

When I’m not focused on serving our community of educators you can find me singing and spending time with my hubby and children.

Hi, I'm Jess!

I work on the website, planners, resource guides and professional development courses. I also curate the E.Y.E. Magazine!

It brings me so much joy to be able to use my skillset to help and inspire other educators! I looooove making things - both digitally and also with my own hands. I enjoy woodwork, DIY, sewing and crafting.

When I'm not creating for Big Hearted Education I love spending time with my partner and our son, or day dreaming in the garden (or working on one of my million projects that are on-the-go).

Hello, I’m Marta.

After a few years working with beautiful children in my family day care, while I was also managing the accounts for Rainbow Bridge FDC, the time came to choose between my two passions: children and numbers. Eventually I decided to pursue my accounting career and serve educators like you.

Being able to support educators to manage the stuff they normally don’t like is really meaningful to me – that’s why we’ve created workshops, training courses, a tailored planner, and much, much more in Big Hearted Education. Our professional development sessions are designed to support you in looking deeply at your own practices and develop a more authentic connection to what you’re doing.

I know how tiresome paperwork can be and I love to support you and other educators to ensure their compliance by making it as simple and easy to track as possible.

When I’m not running accounts, and being of service, I love to do crafts likes felting, needlework and face painting.