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Join Victoria Edmond as she explores education and care practice, business mindset and work/life balance for early childhood professionals.

Victoria has over 12 years of experience in caring for children, programming, managing businesses and supporting educators. She’s a director, mother, early childhood educator, speaker and a fierce advocate for a big hearted approach to Early Education worldwide.

On a mission to support educators to feel inspired and confident in their own abilities, Victoria deep dives unique perspectives through interviews with a range of guest speakers from different backgrounds within Early Education.

Episode Highlights

Welcome to this week's episode of the Big Hearted Podcast, where we looking into innovative approaches to documentation in family day care and challenging the norms to uplift our practices for the children's benefit.

In This Episode:

  • The No-Photo Challenge: We embark on a thought-provoking journey to explore a month without using photographs for documentation in family day care settings. This challenge is rooted in critical reflection on child safety and the real implications of sharing images online.
  • Critical Reflection and Team Discussions: What was the catalyst behind this challenge? A team meeting that turned into a profound discussion on our reliance on photographs for documentation and its impacts.
  • Child Safety Standards Review: The recent review of child safety standards raises questions about the necessity of constant photo updates and their possible interference with child supervision.
  • Informed Consent: A hard-hitting conversation on the ethics of consent for sharing children's images and the lack of control over the images once they are published.
  • Alternative Documentation Techniques: Learn about diverse strategies for documenting learning experiences without relying on photographs, fostering a deeper engagement with children’s development.
  • Engagement Over Evidence: We discuss the importance of being present with children rather than capturing moments through photos, emphasising quality interactions over digital records.

Resources for Educators:

  • Child Safety Standard Review Access: Find the link here to equip yourself with the latest safety standards and reviews.
  • Guide to Non-Photographic Documentation: Gain insights into over a hundred pages of innovative documentation strategies that don’t rely on photos. Follow the challenge link below to grab this!
  • Monthly Challenge Invitation: Embrace the No-Photo Documentation Method 

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