The Holistic Podcast for Early Childhood Educators

Join Victoria Edmond as she explores education and care practice, business mindset and work/life balance for early childhood professionals.

Victoria has over 12 years of experience in caring for children, programming, managing businesses and supporting educators. She’s a director, mother, early childhood educator, speaker and a fierce advocate for a big hearted approach to Early Education worldwide.

On a mission to support educators to feel inspired and confident in their own abilities, Victoria deep dives unique perspectives through interviews with a range of guest speakers from different backgrounds within Early Education.

Episode Highlights

In this deeply impactful episode of the Big Hearted Podcast, we delve into the critical and sensitive issue of child safety within early childhood education, featuring the insightful Kristi McVee. With her extensive background as a police officer and child abuse detective, Kristi shares invaluable perspectives on the prevalence of child sexual abuse, the importance of open discussions for prevention, and the evolving challenges posed by digital environments. We explore the various types of offenders and stress the necessity of vigilance, education, and protective measures in early childhood settings. Kristi also highlights the significance of using correct terminology with children, fostering environments that prioritize their safety and well-being, and the role of educators in being proactive guardians of children's innocence. This episode is a call to action for educators, parents, and the community to unite in safeguarding our children, emphasizing the power of awareness, education, and empathy in combating child sexual abuse.