The Holistic Podcast for Early Childhood Educators

Join Victoria Edmond as she explores education and care practice, business mindset and work/life balance for early childhood professionals.

Victoria has over 12 years of experience in caring for children, programming, managing businesses and supporting educators. She’s a director, mother, early childhood educator, speaker and a fierce advocate for a big hearted approach to Early Education worldwide.

On a mission to support educators to feel inspired and confident in their own abilities, Victoria deep dives unique perspectives through interviews with a range of guest speakers from different backgrounds within Early Education.

Episode Highlights

Welcome to our podcast, where we discuss the importance of mindfulness and natural therapies for children with our guest, Michelle from Exhale Yoga, who is passionate about educating children with these practices. She shares her journey of combining her love for natural therapies and early childhood education and how it led her to create a business that teaches children self-awareness and resilience. In today's world, where children have access to different things and educators face overwhelming pressure, Michelle emphasises the significance of mindfulness practices encompassing every aspect of a child's life.

We delve into how a lack of self-regulation and overwhelm among educators can affect children and how mindfulness practices can help them to recognise when to slow down and take care of themselves.

So, sit back and enjoy the conversation.