The Holistic Podcast for Early Childhood Educators

Join Victoria Edmond as she explores education and care practice, business mindset and work/life balance for early childhood professionals.

Victoria has over 12 years of experience in caring for children, programming, managing businesses and supporting educators. She’s a director, mother, early childhood educator, speaker and a fierce advocate for a big hearted approach to Early Education worldwide.

On a mission to support educators to feel inspired and confident in their own abilities, Victoria deep dives unique perspectives through interviews with a range of guest speakers from different backgrounds within Early Education.

Episode Highlights

Today we are speaking to the beautiful Catherine Haigh - children's author and women's worker. Catherine and I go into a whole range of topics, but just as a content warning: we do talk about women's health; our cycles and periods, how they can impact us, and how we can work with that cycle. We know that might not be for everyone, so just a heads up! We also talk about loads of other things, including the importance of art and the positive benefits it can have on the children in your care.

Catherine's website: