Is your FDC business profitable? To be profitable, you need to ask yourself these questions;

  • am I charging my worth or at the very minimum, the FDC CCS cap?
  • am I covering all of my expenses, including superannuation, sick pay and annual leave?
  • do I know what┬ámy business expenses are?

As fierce advocates for women in business, we're doing our part to change the narrative. Purchase the recordings from our live, 3-day challenge to get your head around your business (because it is a business, not a hobby!) and set yourself up for lifelong success.


 3 Days, 3 Recordings


Increasing Profitability Within Your Business

Let's get upfront, close and personal with the figures in your FDC business.

We are not here to fmuck around!


Our Most Precious Resource: Time

What value do you put on your time? Have you done the math on what you should be charging? 

Do you have clear boundaries set in place so that others respect your time? 


The behind the scenes systems and practices

Every business owner must spend time behind the scenes of their business, working on things that will either free up time or create more profit. Let's investigate what that looks like for YOU.


I'm Victoria Edmond

Having over a decade's experience running my own family day care and also operating as a service provider, I know what takes to keep on top of the workload. I also know that the family day care game brings its own special set of highs, lows, challenges and rewards.

I am a huge advocator for women in business and am on a mission to empower family day care educators to KNOW THEIR VALUE and FIND THE PROFIT in their businesses. 

I want YOU to see your family day care for what it truly is - a profitable business that you should be incredibly proud of.

"You're not just 'in childcare', and you are not 'babysitting children'.

You are creating time freedom for families to generate their own income, to provide for their own families."

- Kell Quarrell, Women's Empowerment and Accountability Coach

In a recent podcast I hosted with Women's Empowerment and Accountability Coach Kell Quarrell, Kell framed up exactly what educators are providing for their clients. In one phrase, Kell completely shifted the value of what we do and made it very clear that the service we provide truly is essential and should be valued as such.

Inherently understanding and connecting to your worth is a vital part of getting clear on the potential profitability of your business. 



Your purchase includes;

  • Access to the recorded sessions from each Day
  • Downloadable workbook
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My aim from this course is to get you to look at your business from a different perspective. This might likely spill out to your personal life too. The information shared in The Profitable FDC is intended to be general in nature and is not personal financial advice. It does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any information, you should consider the appropriateness of the information provided having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs.