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What Educators have to say about working with Victoria...

Gail Warid

"When I first met Victoria I had an instant feeling that I had found a scheme director that had the chemistry for what I was looking for to offer Early Childhood Education. It was the big warmth and the genuine interest that got me immediately when Victoria started sharing the philosophy and culture of Rainbow Bridge.

I immediately knew that Victoria was going to guide and teach me amazing skills being an educator in this scheme.

Three years on, Victoria has continually inspired me for my program, helping me to resource and network with other educators who have the same nature based philosophy. The promotion of nothing less then excellence in quality care has continually encouraged me to look at ways I can strengthen my program.

Victoria is always available to bounce off ideas, guide decisions and see me achieving already incredible milestones in my journey. "

Vinitha Crispin

"During the peak of Covid, as the FDC industry navigated through unprecedented times, I knew Victoria as one of the handful people who held us together. Her passion and leadership shone through.

I have also had the privilege to be mentored by Victoria. She generously gave her time and showed genuine interest to bring out the best in me. She has the uncanny ability to spot unique strengths in a person. Her wealth of knowledge and resourcefulness is commendable.

Victoria has encouraged me to own my strength and step out of my comfort zone. She taught me how to say "Yes" and let things unfold organically.

Victoria's guidance has been instrumental for me to reconnect with my passion and have the confidence to share it. “

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