Are you tired of feeling like the forgotten second-class citizen in Early Education?


This game-changing summit will revolutionise support and connection for Family Day Care Educators across Australia! 

Wave goodbye to feeling alone, overwhelmed and unsupported and say hello to connecting with and leaning on a massive community of support people, inside and outside of FDC.

Are you tired of feeling like the forgotten second-class citizen in Early Education?


This game-changing summit will revolutionise support and connection for Family Day Care Educators across Australia! 

Wave goodbye to feeling alone, overwhelmed and unsupported and say hello to connecting with and leaning on a massive community of support people, inside and outside of FDC.


Big Hearted Education's FDC Summit- Connections and Communities

24-26 AUGUST 2023

  • This FDC Summit is the transformative event that will shift you from feeling overlooked and overwhelmed to being supported and empowered as a Family Day Care Educator.


  • This is not just another early education PD event where FDC might be lucky to get one or two tiny inclusions. It's a heart-expanding soul-nourishing experience specifically designed to meet your unique needs, challenges, and dreams as the amazing FDC Educator you are!

 Our promise to you is simple:


Australia’s inaugural FDC summit will leave you feeling valued, seen & heard, inspired, and KNOWING that the important work you do really matters.

We've gone out of our way to bring together a lineup of incredible speakers who truly get you and have crafted their sessions to inform and nourish YOU. From business to mindset to behavioural experts, we have got it covered.

But it's not just about knowledge. This FDC Summit is about creating lasting connections and a supportive community. You'll have the opportunity to network, collaborate, and share experiences with like-minded educators who truly understand all the joys and challenges of FDC.

AND… you get to attend for FREE!

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Raise your hand if you feel:
  • Frustrated by the lack of recognition, support & funding as a Family Day Care Educator.
  • Burnt out from trying to balance connecting with the children, getting all your planning done and taking care of your own personal and professional needs.
  • Weighed down from being judged more harshly and treated as a second-class citizen in the early education space.

 And on top of  all of this you:

  • Find yourself constantly battling a scarcity mindset, feeling like you're still not doing enough, and
  • Experience the isolation and loneliness that comes with working with children all day and then your own family come home before you get a chance to take a breath! 


 If you can relate to any or all of these feelings, please know that you are not alone.


We understand the challenges you face as a Family Day Care Educator, and we're here to provide the support and resources you need. 

It's time to for you to feel seen and to really know that you’re amazing, because it takes a special person to do Family Day Care and I know that the wonderful people who do it are really, special dedicated educators who deserve to be nurtured and celebrated.

So our FDC Connections and Communities Summit is your opportunity to take time for your own growth and not only connect with a community of like-minded educators but also reconnect with yourself and reclaim your sense of self-worth.

The thing is, if you're feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, and overlooked, the problem isn't your abilities or dedication as a FDC Educator. What’s really happening is that the system has failed to recognise and support the incredible work you do day in and day out.
The real problem lies in the lack of resources, recognition, and community specifically tailored to the unique needs of Family Day Care Educators. But it doesn't have to be this way!

Imagine if you could 

  • Be recognised as the exceptional Family Day Care Educator that you truly are, with your skills and dedication celebrated and acknowledged.
  • Feel supported, connected, and valued within a vibrant community of like-minded professionals who understand your dreams and the unique challenges you face within FDC.
  • Have the resources, tools, and strategies at your fingertips to excel in your role, provide exceptional care, and create lasting impact in the lives of the children and families you serve.
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Inside the Summit you will find:

  •  Expert Speaker Sessions, so that you can excel in your FDC role. 

  • Strategies to build Connection, so that you can understand the children in a more wholistic way. 

  • Clear examples and discussions around how to bring Community in to your service, so that you can enrich the children and their understanding of where they fit in the world.

Expert Speaker Sessions

Access to a lineup of hand-picked experts who understand the challenges faced by Family Day Care Educators. Each session is tailored to address specific FDC challenges and provide practical strategies for connection and success.
Gain valuable insights, expert guidance, and actionable tips to enhance your skills, overcome challenges, and excel in your role as a Family Day Care Educator.

Engaging Q&A Sessions:

Participate in interactive and engaging Q&A sessions with some of our key speakers. Dive deep into topics relevant to you, connect with peers, and exchange valuable insights and experiences.
Immerse yourself in collaborative learning, expand your knowledge, and build a supportive network within the family day care community.

Thriving Community:

Connect with like-minded professionals, engage in meaningful discussions, and form valuable connections within our vibrant and supportive community. Share ideas, seek advice, and celebrate successes together.
Overcome feelings of isolation, find encouragement and inspiration, and be part of a community that understands and uplifts you.
Unlock even more value by upgrading to our VIP package. Gain access to exclusive bonuses, including recordings of all guest speaker sessions, and additional resources to support your growth and development.
So you can dive deeper into the content, revisit sessions at your convenience, and access additional resources to further enhance your professional journey.
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Now, you might be thinking, "How is this summit going to be different than all the other early childhood PD events?"

At our Connections and Communities Summit, we stand out from the rest because we are solely dedicated to supporting and empowering Family Day Care Educators. Unlike all the other EC summits and conferences, we put FDC at the forefront and address your unique needs.
We understand the isolation, the scrutiny and the struggles with excursions and lack of funding. And we have gone out of our way to create something specifically for you, where every single speaker is directing ALL of their sessions to YOU, the Family Day Care Educator.

Here’s a sneak peek at JUST A FEW of our incredible speakers and some of the absolute gold they’ll be sharing especially to support you.

 Nicky Armstrong

This Little Mind FDC

  •  How she’s facilitated the growth of a community within her FDC, without even leaving the house.
  • How she thinks outside the box to build community and feel supported
  • What and how she shares with parents to turn them into big advocates for her FDC

Dave Jereb 

Move About Occupational Therapist

  • A fresh perspective on observing children and honouring where they’re at
  • Highly engaging and practical solutions and examples to create deeper connection
  • Insights and strategies to work WITH not against challenging behaviour and get great outcomes for everyone

Jessica Brown

The Little Pocket Association

  • Different creative ways to easily document connections and communities within your FDC
  • The benefits of bringing different arts into your space
  • How community can be deeply healing and nourishing for everyone



So, are you ready to feel less alone, rise above the challenges and seize the opportunity to thrive as an FDC Educator? It's time to reclaim your worth, connect with a community that truly understands and appreciates you, and gain the tools to create deeper connections with yourself, the children and the community.


The countdown has begun and we’re so excited! Don’t miss the opportunity, book your spot today.

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Meet your Summit Host:


Hey Friend, I'm Victoria Edmond, your host for the FDC Connections and Communities Summit. As a fully qualified Early Years Educator with over a decade of teaching experience, I am dedicated to advocating for and supporting Family Day Care Educators like you.

Having spent years working across multiple EC disciplines, I started Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Service in 2013 and Big Hearted Education during the pandemic. I have walked in your shoes, experiencing firsthand the struggles and frustrations that come with being a FDC Educator. I truly understand the feeling of being overlooked, undervalued, and longing for a sense of community. 

I’m on a mission to elevate FDC within Australia, fuelled by my passion for lifting other women up and creating community, and I have poured my heart and soul into creating the Connections and Communities Summit to support you. I’m so excited to connect with you, and to witness the incredible transformations that await you at the FDC Summit. Together, let's create a future where Family Day Care Educators are celebrated, valued, and empowered.

What people say about working with Victoria:

This summit's for you if:


  • You're a dedicated and passionate Family Day Care Educator who’s tired of feeling undervalued and overlooked.
  • You're craving PD support and resources tailored specifically for FDC.
  • You want to connect with a supportive like-minded community and engage in meaningful discussions.
  • You're seeking a transformative experience that will help you overcome the isolation, feelings of inadequacy, and the constant struggle of trying to do more with limited resources.
  • You're ready to embrace your worth, enhance your skills, and create a lasting impact in the lives of the children and families you serve.

By the end of the summit, you will have:

A Renewed Sense of Value and Recognition

Feel empowered and validated as a FDC Educator, knowing that you are worthy and your work is essential and appreciated.

A Confident Mindset

The inner security and belief that what you offer is enough and you are supported and more than capable of creating a space that allows the children to unfold and flourish and to grow in an unhurried calm environment.

Enhanced Knowledge and Skills

Expand your expertise through expert-led sessions and Q&A discussions that provide practical strategies and insights. Gain valuable knowledge on topics such as building community inside & outside of your service, creating positive and heart felt connections, deep self-care practices, enabling you to prioritise yourself and deliver even higher quality care to the children and families you serve.

A Supportive Community

Form warm-hearted connections with like-minded FDC professionals who understand your journey and can offer guidance, support, and encouragement. Discover new perspectives, innovative ideas, and creative approaches that will reignite your passion and drive to make a lasting impact.

Inspiration and Motivation

Leave the summit feeling inspired, motivated, and re-energised in your role as a Family Day Care Educator. Take the pressure off and start to realise that you are enough, and you are doing enough.

By the end of the summit, you will be equipped with the knowledge, support, and resources necessary to elevate your career as a Family Day Care Educator.

 You'll experience a transformation that extends beyond the summit itself, empowering you to create a positive and meaningful impact in the lives of the children, families, and communities you serve.

Here's a final recap of what you'll get with your FREE ticket:

  • Access to Expert-Led Sessions to help you easily see the opportunity to create and maintain connections, explore how you might create Community within your own service and more.
  • Engaging Q&A Discussions to clarify your understanding, and engage live with our speakers. 
  • A Thriving Community that makes you feel like you belong, and values your contributions.
  • Mindset Shifts so you can finally take the reins in your business, and feel confident in decision making processes. 

Plus you also have the opportunity to upgrade to our VIP package and receive exclusive bonuses, including recordings of all guest speaker sessions AND access to a whole year of Seasonal Planning sessions and our Friendship Printable Bundle . Dive deeper into the content, revisit sessions at your convenience, and access additional resources to further enhance your professional journey.

The truth is, if you want to thrive as a FDC Educator, you need to know that you don't have to do things on your own, there are so many different types of support available to you and you are worthy of feeling connected and supported.


Having spent over a decade in Early Years Education, I understand the struggles and challenges you face. Success doesn't come from navigating this path on your own; it comes from connecting with yourself and with other like-minded educators who uplift and empower each other.

And if you need a helping hand to embrace your worth and be recognised for the incredible impact you make, then our FDC Connections and Communities Summit is for you. Let's come together, redefine the narrative for Family Day Care Educators, and unlock the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.